Sonitas is NLCSJ’s only student-led music society that operates under the motto, “music is our language.” A close-knit community bonded under a collective passion for music, we organise musical events yearlong, beloved by all members of the school community. Unplugged, Sonitower, Rock on the Rock, and Hiphop night are some of our most traditional and representative performances. Students lead rehearsals, tech plans, fundraisers, promotion, and other areas regarding the management of our shows. Our efforts bring relief and joy not only to the performers ourselves but also to the broader community, and facilitate the growth of each and every individual Sonitas member in the process of our journey.

The central theme for our society is a commitment to share the transformative power of music with all, and actively promote the notion that no one should be barred from their musical passion due to external obstacles out of one’s control. Sonitas conducts musical tutoring for the children at Jenam orphanage and donates profits from fundraisers to an organisation that facilitates the musical endeavours of children from low-income families, in alignment with our determination to share the power of music with all. As much as music has shaped our lives and our view of the world, we strive to inflict the same positive influence on as many others as possible.

As the chair for the past academic year, I take immense pride in the fact that our society has developed significantly both in size and meaning. I like to think that we inspire new generations of dreamers and musicians in our school, through our performances and various endeavours. I am certain that our genuine motivations and the message that our society promotes will shine through for generations to come. Music is something that, regardless of age, gender, class, time, or space, anyone can enjoy and take something valuable away from. This is why I encourage everyone to actively utilise the power of music as a vehicle to inflicting meaningful change, and this is why Sonitas is more than just a music society – our interconnected and passionate community stand as the testament to that power.

Hailey Kim

Chair of Sonitas


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