On Thursday, 28th November, the Medical Society hosted the first-ever event in NLCS Jeju, the Medical Review. The Medical Review is an event in which groups of students select a specific medicine-related topic and give short presentations in front of an expert panel of judges and the audience. After the presentation, there was a Q&A session in which the judging panel and the audience had the opportunity to ask unscripted questions of the student group. The purpose of this session is to enhance students’ experience in elaborating detailed information, and enhancing their communication skills. Not only can this assist students in being involved in presentations, but it can also provide opportunities to help them with university interviews and medical college applications in the near future.

To clarify, the Medical Review was not a resemblance of MEDEX. Those that remember the Medical Fair in March might think that this might have been a similar type of event, but the Medical Review was an academically developed event that initiated from the Medical Fair in terms of students taking initiative in the management of the event and dealing with medical issues but in a wider and more detailed perspective. 

Students have been participating in Thursday Medical Review CCA sessions and have conducted their own research on topics of their choice based on this year’s theme ‘21st-century diseases’. They have challenged themselves to ‘think beyond the classroom’ – that is to say, work beyond the science curriculum in school lessons. The three teams presenting in the Medical Review have been selected as one of the top three scoring teams among the six groups that were in the CCA and the selection process took place during the preliminary round last week (21st November), so these people have been especially successful with the effort and passion they put into their work during the past three months to get prepared. The three teams were:

  • Sekyoung Hwang, Ji Hyung Ku and Kyungyeon Min presenting Circulating Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus
  • Min Young Baek, Yewon Lee and Seoyoon Bae presenting Parkinson’s Disease
  • WonKyung Lee, Hyunseo Noh and Kyuri Kim presenting Alzheimer’s Disease
A presentation done by one of the teams.

In the judging group of panels, there were three professionals – Dr Soo Jeong Lee, a clinical researcher and psychiatrist; Dr Seoyeon Kim, a family physician at a medical institution; and Mr Hall, our Head of English. Each judge was passionate and enthusiastic in challenging students during the Q&A sessions to broaden their thoughts. They have had a hard time choosing the winner among the three teams, yet the results of the final round turned out as follows:

  1. Parkinson’s Disease
  2. Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Circulating Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus

The Medical Society would like to appreciate everyone’s contribution and effort towards this event and hopes that this event provided an opportunity for all presenters and audiences to extend their thoughts and build up their knowledge in various aspects. Finally, congratulations to all the participants in the Medical Review CCA and a special mention goes to the three Year 11 girls who won 1st place.

Seul (Shine) Lee
Seul (Shine) Lee

Member of NLCS Jeju
Chair of NLCS Jeju medical society


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