The widespread use of the internet, smartphone and other computer-based devices allowed us to be more familiar with the word ‘AI’, Artificial Intelligence. However, still, there are people who recognize AI as a jargon, a word that is only used by computer scientists and engineers. These people acknowledge AI as a concept used in developing humanoids but actually, it isn’t. In fact, the usage of AI varies in our lives, including autonomous driving and even speech recognition speakers. 

Before we understand these technologies, we need to know the fundamental system behind these daily life-based technologies called ‘reinforcement learning’. Reinforcement learning is a machine learning technique that learns how agents benefit from the interaction with their environment. They rapidly collect data based on the input made initially by the program developers. This allows the system to make its own decision as it tries to find a way to maximize its benefit. This reinforcement learning is significant in AI technology since it will extend beyond the realm of gaming to real-world, state-of-the-art applications such as autonomous driving, and robotics in the future. For example, reinforcement learning can be integrated into a fully autonomous driving system, and an autonomous driving system with the addition of reinforcement learning agents provides higher speed and fuel consumption efficiency and improves driving performance.

AI speakers, also known as speech recognition speakers, is also a technology easily used by us. An AI speaker is a device that allows you to perform various tasks such as home appliance operations, music playback and others when a person commands by voice. ‘Simply call your device’s name, and then simply say it by voice to do and answer it.’ is the main point of the AI speaker which allows people to easily access the personal butler service. 

In the early days, the main task was to listen to music, schedule, alarm, and weather. However, in recent years, we have expanded our range of services, including product ordering, sports broadcasts, encyclopedia searches, and traffic information. They are also developed by using reinforcement learning so that it could be more personalised and extend its system itself. 

To conclude, the use of AI is spreading in our daily lives. It will extend further as many companies such as Amazon and Google are now focusing on developing AI.

<strong>Seunghyun (Erica) Yong</strong>
Seunghyun (Erica) Yong

Student of NLCS Jeju
Member of NLCS Jeju Computer Science Society


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