Introduction: In this website, I post procedure videos and final rendered images of CAD projects I design using the Fusion 360 software. All projects (numbered in chronological order below) are based on objects I can find at home, objects with diagrams on the internet, or my imagination. I try my best to design one project every single day, and if not at least 2 per week (depends on how I manage my time during school days). The aim of this project is to have fun and improve my computer-aided designing ability with Fusion 360.

All projects are designed by myself without any external help. The recordings may be laggy because I am using Fusion 360 on a MacBook Pro that does not possess the best specifications for 3d modeling. Some of the projects are used for application to various competitions. Enjoy browsing!

Important message: For this project, since there is no actual robot arm available, I will be using drawings and videos from the internet to figure out its dimensions and structure. The sources of the references are mentioned in the bibliography at the end of this page.

Moojo Kim
Moojo Kim

Student of NLCS Jeju


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