The Medical Society at NLCS Dubai was formed to bring students of all grades together with
the shared interest of medicine and human biology. Our weekly lunch time meetings
predominantly consist of engaging activities where students can explore different areas of
this science and learn something new outside of class. The medical society has allowed
students to debate on controversial topics, interact with doctors from well-known charities
and conduct dissections on their own. The medical society will continue to grow and provide
a community/environment where people can express their passion for medicine.

Our first issue of the Medical Society Magazine was published to allow students to explore
beyond the syllabus and offer an opportunity for the students to find where their utmost
passion lies. Our aim is to provide NLCS students a platform where they can proudly display
their work for others. As the medical society grows, we wish to collaborate with NLCS
London, Jeju and Singapore not only to share inspiration for the young but also to develop a
wider community.

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